It's the end of an extremely long road for a 93-year-old Florida woman's beloved 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente. The now vintage car has racked up an astonishing 926 982km since it was purchased for just $3289 nearly 50 years ago.

The scary part is that the speedometer would still be turning if it wasn't for the fact that the vintage vehicle's roadworthiness has now outlasted its owner's.

"I am legally blind, so I can no longer drive my lovely chariot," Rachel Veitch told

Veitch has macular degeneration in both eyes and, after running a red light last month, decided to voluntarily call it a day on her driving.

She remains positive despite her permanently parked predicament.

"A lot of people are worse off than I am," she says. "I don't have cancer, I don't have Lou Gehrig's disease. I am lucky."

Veitch puts the Mercury's mammoth mileage down to "near-obsessive" car maintenance. "I've never been a destructive person and I've just taken care of everything, except my husbands," explains Veitch, whose car has outlasted three of her marriages.

While Veitch is happy sell her baby to car aficionados such as talk show host Jay Leno, who interviewed her on the Tonight Show in August 2010, her four children, nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, won’'t be getting near it.

"It wouldn't matter if they did want it; they're not going to get it. They couldn't take care of it like I did," says Veitch.