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2019 Porsche Macan quick performance review

By Scott Newman, 17 Jun 2019 Reviews

2019 Porsche Macan quick performance review feature

Entry-level SUV still has the magic

It's the cheapest, slowest and least powerful Porsche you can buy, a four-cylinder SUV that’s no more powerful – and significantly slower – than a Golf GTI.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the base Macan is a cynical cash cow designed only to appeal to badge snobs, but it’s actually a superb SUV that honestly makes you question why you’d need anything else on a day-to-day basis.

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There will be those who recoil at the idea of a four-cylinder Porsche, but the Macan feels quicker than the numbers suggest, the 2.0-litre turbo four-pot smooth and eager with a better soundtrack than a non-GTS Cayman.

Crucially, amazingly, it feels just like a Porsche. In the weighting and response of the steering, the feel of the brake pedal, the brilliant gearbox mapping, this $80K-odd Macan is indistinguishable from other Porsches costing three or four times as much.

Admittedly, our test car wore almost $20,000 worth of options, but deleting the panoramic roof and 20-inch Macan Turbo rims takes care of $9500 of that. But the Macan doesn’t just drive beautifully, the ride quality is fantastic and Porsche’s latest interior is as good as any. Except perhaps the car it’s closest to, the Audi Q5 45 TFSI, which starts at $73,211; a decent saving, but if you’re a keen driver spend the extra on the Porsche.

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Engine: 2.0-litre inline four, turbo
Power: 185kW @ 6750rpm
Torque: 370Nm @ 1600rpm
Drive: AWD
Weight: 1795kg
Price: $81,400

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