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Toyota 86 Rally Car review

By Words: Scott Newman | Photos/Video: Alex Rae, 02 Jul 2015 Reviews

It's impossible to have more fun on four wheels

Toyota 86 Rally Car review

Everybody's driving tastes are different. Some like to bend time and space with ferocious straight-line acceleration, others prefer to get their kicks from neck-straining cornering grip.

If you couldn't care less about speed and crave the feeling of a car moving around beneath you, however, then we can tell you right now, there is no better fix than a Toyota 86 on a slippery surface.

Rally School has added one of each of the Toybaru twins to its fleet and it kindly flicked MOTOR the keys for a day of sideways fun at Werribee four-wheel drive park, where it holds its courses in Melbourne.

Providing instruction and making sure we don't break anything was one of Australia's top young rally drivers, Brendan Reeves, who helped us get to grips with the art of driving a rear-drive car on gravel.

Sadly, a few technical issues on the day meant the audio isn't quite as clear as would be ideal, but hopefully the video above gives you a good idea of how much fun it is driving Toyota's budget sports car when grip is at a premium.

Beyond the required safety gear, Rally School's 86 is a fairly standard machine, yet is only a proper mechanical diff and set of gravel tyres away from being a fun and economical rally-ready weapon.

However, there's no need to take our word for it, as you can sample it for yourself at one of Rally School's courses, details of which can be found here.

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