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Audi E-Tron GT... as an 'Avant' wagon?

By Mike Stevens, 14 Feb 2021 Car News

Audi E-Tron GT Avant wagon imagined in new rendering

It just makes sense that Audi is at least considering a wagon body for its new E-Tron GT electric sedan – and it could look like this

There’s wild speculation, and then there’s a bloody good chance – and surely, the notion of a wagonised Audi E-Tron GT Avant falls into the second column.

For one, Audi loves the wagon body style. There’s the A6 Avant and A4 Avant models and their high-riding Allroad counterparts, and even the A3 Sportback looks like more of a ‘wagonette’ Avant model than the average hatchback, premium or otherwise.

For another, you’ve got the simple fact that the E-Tron GT’s electric platform-mate, the Porsche Taycan, will soon add a ‘Cross Turismo’ model to its roster – albeit as a high-riding, fence-sitting faux SUV to maximise profit potential.


We shouldn’t be too surprised, then, if Audi announces at least an E-Tron GT Allroad in the not too distant future – and we shouldn’t get hung up on the pairing of the classic ‘GT’ badge with an ostensibly dirt-focused name like Allroad, because, really, tradition went out the window a long time ago.

But, let’s say Audi goes with an oh-so-Euro wagon body, badged as the E-Tron GT Avant… how would it look?

As this writer’s good mate Theophilus Chin shows here on his Instagram profile, it’s clear the E-Tron GT and Taycan share at least a roofline and a few windows – so why shouldn’t the Taycan Cross Turismo share some of its upper styling with an Avant?


Take a look at Theo's renderings in this story and tell me a wagon-bodied E-Tron GT wouldn’t do all the right things.

To catch you up, the E-Tron GT as we know it is powered by a 350kW/630Nm dual electric motor system – with “extreme driving situations” capability of 175kW at the front and a mighty 320kW at the rear.

In hero RS form, the front and rear motors are rated at 175kW/335kW, but as a single system they’re rated at 440kW/830Nm – and then there’s the short hit of 475kW in overboost form. (The regular model bumps up to a formidable 390kW in overboost, too.)

For more on the E-Tron GT, see our coverage here – and for expressions of interest in an E-Tron GT Avant, get in line right behind me.

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