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The ultimate Back to the Future combo is up for grabs

By Tom Fraser, 30 Apr 2020 Car News

back to the future delorean

US auction house sells ultra-cool 1980s Back to the Future car twin set in online auction

Does it get any more 1980s than this? A very unique pair of cars from Back to the Future has hit US-based auction house Bring A Trailer, looking to tempt bored coronavirus lockdown-ers into snapping up the set. 

back to the future delorean

Complete in period-perfect guise, the first piece is the 1981 DMC Delorean hero car from the Back to the Future franchise, complete with a boot-full of film memorabilia from the movies.

The memorabilia includes a hoverboard, Nike Air Mags and period literature. The Delorean itself looks to be a pristine example, showing only 4300 miles (7000km) on the odometer and a respectable service history.

Sadly, there's no Mr Fusion in sight...

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The second item on the docket is the very cool, black-out 1985 Toyota Hilux SR5 Xtra cab (known as the Tacoma in the US), with those distinctive KC spotlights, black paint job, aftermarket wheels and bull bar.

This one is in similarly pristine condition, with 130,000 miles (160,000km) and a five-speed manual gearbox. It’s decked out in much the same way as the film car, and also includes a skateboard from the film, another pair of Nike Air Mags and a camcorder.

Weird movie trivia time - one of the two Tacomas used during filming was stolen, before being used by drug runners and subsequently seized by the Mexican government. Luckily, it was rescued and restored, and is now valued at more than US$250,000!

back to the future delorean

Both cars are being sold by Mcfly1895 and surprisingly the Hilux is currently the more expensive of the two with bids currently sitting at $58,000 USD ($88,730 AUD).

The Delorean is a much-more-understandable $35,000 USD ($53,544 AUD).

back to the future hilux

With a mammoth bidding price of AU$88,000 for a replica BTTF Hilux, it really goes to show that nostalgia can pull at the heartstrings!

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