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Ioniq switches on the future channel

By Daniel Gardner, 28 Sep 2020 Car News

Ionic Concept Cabin

Ioniq’s EV concept is more mobile lounge than motor vehicle

With technology becoming an increasingly central part of new vehicle design, the various mainstream manufacturers are locked in an arms race to offer human-vehicle interfaces that are growing in sophistication and size.

Audi’s Virtual Cockpit measures 12.3-inches, the Mercedes MBUX system butts two 10.3-inch screens side-by-side, while Tesla holds the current screen size record with a central display that measures 17-inches.

But Hyundai’s freshly spun-out EV sub brand Ioniq has leapfogged several generations of information display evolution with a vehicle cabin concept that comprehensively blows the competition out of the running.

It’s called the Ioniq Concept Cabin and the technological design study previews how vehicle interiors may look and function in the future.

Ioniq family

Versatile battery shapes allow their concealment virtually anywhere, while compact motors and drivetrains don’t intrude into the passenger space, freeing up a vast van-like place for passengers to occupy.

As well, with their abundant electricity supply, the limitations of on-board equipment and technology are vastly expanded over conventional combustion cars, which are limited to 12 and 48-volt power systems.

So while the latest cars make do with displays little bigger than a tablet device, the Ioniq concept has a whopping 77-inch OLED screen mounted on the ceiling courtesy of LG electronics. But that’s just the start of the homely comforts.

While on the move, a ‘clothing care’ and ‘shoes butler’ function can take care of some dreary chores you’d rather avoid, while a robot vacuum cleaner keeps the place looking shipshape allowing you to enjoy the home away from home.

Hyundai 45 concept
Expect the Ioniq 5 to look a lot like Hyundai's 45 concept

Yes, the Ioniq concept is a hyperbolic hint at the future that is unlikely to ever eventuate quite as the show piece implies, but the South Korean EV brand says the first production equivalent features will be seen in its forthcoming Ioniq 5.

More importantly, Ioniq says the concept demonstrates the customisable nature of future vehicles and another reason why no two customers will necessarily drive (or be driven in) the same car.

“The Ioniq Concept Cabin is one of a kind and an unprecedented approach to enhancing customer experience as it can be customised for different needs and lifestyles,” said Wonhong Cho, executive vice president and global chief marketing officer of Hyundai Motor Company.

“Dedicated EVs will enable us to revolutionise the experience Hyundai delivers to its customers, empowering them to do more in and out of the vehicles.”