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Morgan 3-Wheeler bows out with new edition

By Jake Groves, 22 Nov 2020 Car News

Morgan 3-Wheeler bows out with new edition

Zany, hyper-retro Morgan 3-Wheeler finishes production in 2021 with P101

Morgan’s oddball 3-Wheeler, in its current form, is in its final throes. To celebrate the car’s life and history, the brand has announced a new, final edition named P101.

The edition name derives from Project 101, the codename for the reborn 3-Wheeler that launched in 2011, with only 33 models being produced to see the car out into 2021. 

For the P101, the Morgan 3-Wheeler benefits from ‘aero-disc’ wheels, rather than the 3-Wheeler’s usual wire ones, and a metal tonneau cover for the passenger seat – something that debuted on the dead EV3 project. 

Feature Morgan's mighty 3-Wheeler

As for the colour scheme, you can spec the P101 in black or white with one of four decal packs: The Belly Tank, The Dazzleship, The Aviator or The Race Car.

Belly Tank is a reference to the hot rod racers that were built using drop tanks from aircraft, Aviator is an extension of the Second World War-like decals on the current 3-Wheeler, and Race Car adds stripes and roundels. The one pictured is Dazzleship – a graphic pack that is a nod to the camouflaged paint schemes of naval war ships and military vehicles. 

More than 2500 3-Wheelers have been made since the car’s debut in 2011. Want a P101? You’ll need to get in quick in order to get your hands on one. After that, Morgan has promised that the 3-Wheeler will return at an unspecified date in the future.

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This article was originally published at carmagazine.co.uk