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School holidays are here... and so is a petrol price rise

By Tom Fraser, 01 Jul 2019 Car News

School holidays are here... and so is more expensive petrol

Fuel prices jump across Victoria... just in time for the school holidays

Victorian motorists have been hit with a rise in petrol prices over the weekend, coinciding with the start of school holidays.

Victorian fuel prices had settled for the month at a reasonable 125c/L for 91-octane throughout last week, but shot up again over the weekend, with the average fuel price climbing to 144c/L according to the RACV.

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Some service stations are charging even more, with prices of 165c/L not uncommon around metropolitan Melbourne.

Petrol comparison service PetrolSpy Australia shows the majority of Melbourne’s suburbia with prices around 165c/L for 91-octane, with 98-octane rated fuel fetching roughly 20 cents more across the board.

The price for the same fuel in NSW, by way of comparison, has trended down for the last seven days, and is currently hovering around the 141c/L mark.

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The rise comes at an unfortunate time for families, with Victorian school holidays starting this week meaning an extra unaccounted-for cost impacting families heading away on family road trips or transporting kids to holiday activities.

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It’s uncertain how long the increased prices are set to last; however, if it’s another spike in the petrol price cycle, it may linger throughout the two-week break.

Three weeks ago prices spiked at 165c/L average for 91-octane. With a little way to go before we hit those levels, it’s advised that you fill up now before prices hit their peak.

For some simple ways you can combat the increases these school holidays, read our top tips for fuel saving.