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Speeding BMW driver fined 75 times the normal fine for giving middle finger

By Tom Fraser, 28 Aug 2020 Car News

BMW driver gives camera the bird

Think the Germans don’t have a sense of humour? We reckon this is pretty funny

It costs nothing to be nice, but it definitely costs something to be nasty. That’s the lesson a BMW driver is left with after being fined at a rate 75 times the norm after flipping the bird to a traffic camera while on a German autobahn.

Most people will tell you that there are no speed limits on German autobahns, but that isn’t strictly true – only segments of these motorways are de-restricted.

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In any case, a 26-year-old BMW X5 driver found that out the hard way this month, speeding at 81km/h in a 70km/h speed-limited zone – a fine that would normally attract a €20 fine ($32 AUD).

However, in the split-second he was in the speed camera’s frame the driver decided to put his middle finger on display. 

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A little cheeky, maybe, but the result of the impromptu bird-flipping saw the €20 fine thrown out and replaced with a €1500 fine ($2627 AUD) and a one-month licence suspension.

It’s said that the Oberfranken police wanted to make an example out of the man, charging him with ‘being insulting in road traffic’.

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After a penalty like that, it’s safe to assume he’ll pay closer attention to the speed limit and keep his hands to himself next time around.

Mind your manners.