Watch Audi RS6 driver crack 320km/h one-handed

If hitting top speed in an Audi RS6 on public roads wasn’t already bad enough, maybe don’t do it one-handed while filming yourself

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An Audi RS6 driver is now a self-made fugitive after making and sharing a video of himself cracking 201mph (323km/h) on a UK motorway, somewhere near Gatwick International Airport.

In the footage, the driver is seen entering an on-ramp at full-throttle, and not relenting until a full minute later after the RS6 has clocked a PB of 201mph (323km/h).

More eye-popping however, to produce the film by themselves, one assumes the driver would have needed to achieve the speed and weave through traffic with one hand holding the phone. That's right - one-handed.

audi rs6 200mph

Unsurprisingly, Sussex police are aware of the footage and have commenced an investigation into the video, fully intent on bringing the responsible party to justice for eclipsing the speed limit by almost three times.

“We have a team of specialist-roads policing officers who will fully investigate this footage with a view to identifying and bringing the driver to justice,” said chief inspector Michael Hodder, of the Sussex Roads Policing unit.

audi rs6 200mph

Chief Inspector Hodder called the video “one of the most appalling examples of dangerous and irresponsible driving we have ever seen in Sussex." 

“Driving at such grossly excessive speeds hugely increases the chances of being involved in a collision, and it’s extremely fortunate the driver has not killed or seriously injured themselves or someone else.”

Police aren’t sure when the video was recorded, but it is believed to have happened while the UK was experiencing major lockdowns.

It's not the first occasion a driver has exploited coronavirus lockdowns. Last month a Dodge Challenger Hellcat driver in Canada was caught by police after their tyre blew out at 271km/h and numerous attempts have been made at the infamous Cannonball run

audi rs6 200mph

Even in Australia, police are continually chasing car meets in which drivers are taking advantage of empty roads and performing burnouts. 

The Audi RS6 (C7) in this video is no stranger to speed, but is more often found legally approaching its limits on the autobahns surrounding the factory in which it's built. Nonetheless, it is capable of hitting 100km/h in 3.7 seconds thanks to a twin-turbocharged V8 putting out 445kW and 750Nm. 


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