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Suzuki Jimny Ute now on sale!

By Tony O'Kane, 17 Mar 2020 Car News

Suzuki Jimny ute

Been hanging out for the return of the Suzuki Stockman? Move to New Zealand

Rumours of new bodystyles for Suzuki’s ridiculously charming Jimny have existed since before that car even launched, but besides a few hand-made one-offs there’s been no real deviation from the factory-issue three-door wagon format.

Until now. Suzuki New Zealand has revealed it will be offering a tray-toting Suzuki Jimny as a locally-converted option, costing an additional NZ$12,000 on top of the NZ$25,990 retail price of the entry-model Jimny JX manual that it’s based upon.

Suzuki Jimny

Those of you yearning for a return of the Suzuki Stockman, your prayers have been answered – albeit at considerable cost. The total bill equates to $37,560 in Aussie dollars, which is a fair whack for such a tiny ute. A single-cab Nissan Navara would cost you less and give you more.

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The conversion does at least look neat. Cleaving off the rear of the cabin at the B-pillar, Suzuki NZ then encloses what remains of the interior with a steel rear bulkhead and a glass window, carpeting the inside and leaving a small shelf for bags and tools. An alloy tray is then bolted to the Jimny’s ladder frame, and sports drop-down sides and a beefy looking hoop up front, along with integrated side steps, tie-downs and mudguards.

suzuki jimny ute

It’s extraordinarily cool, and should appeal hugely to the off-roader crowd just as much as the farmers it’s actually intended for.

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Should Suzuki Australia consider a similar thing? It might not be quite so viable at the Kiwi car’s price point, but with Suzuki Japan having already tested the waters with a ute-ified Jimny show car at last year’s Tokyo Auto Salon there may already be a factory-issued Jimny load lugger in the pipeline.

We asked Suzuki’s local boss whether there was demand for such a vehicle, and the response was an emphatic – and loud – “yes!”.

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“I’ve been inundated with questions, not only from customers but from dealers as well – ‘we want it, let’s do it!’”, Suzuki Australia general manager Michael Pachota said to WhichCar.

suzuki jimny ute

“The agricultural side of Australia [has a] need for a small off-road vehicle as capable as this with a ute tray. The demand is definitely there. Our dealer network is screaming for it, so when they saw that [concept] it created a few problems for me!

“Most countries have requested it from Suzuki Motor Co. We have a global distributor’s conference every six months, and at the last conference we all voiced our need for a ute-back [Jimny], as well as a five-door," he said.


Do you think we could eventually see a factory-produced Jimny ute Down Under?