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The coolest Mythbusters car myths: In memory of Jessi Combs

By WhichCar Staff, 01 Sep 2019 Car News

The coolest Mythbusters car myths: In memory of Jessi Combs

Cars unite us, and in memory of Jessi Combs who played a part on Mythbusters we’ve collated our favourite car myths

This week we at WhichCar were saddened to learn about the passing of Jessi Combs, an unequivocal petrolhead whose accomplishments preceded her. Famed television personality, fabricator and successful racer, Jessi first popped up on our radars through the Mythbusters TV show.

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We are united through our shared passion of cars, and so in her honour, here are some of the Mythbusters’ most awesome car myths.

Answering the questions nobody asked, how fast would you have to drive with square wheels before the ride smoothed out? Find out above.

Despite ruining a fairly clean NA Mazda MX-5, this hilarious segment shows the team fact-check the famous Bond spy cars. All in the name of science.  

In this NASCAR themed segment, the Build Team test some techniques that stock car drivers use to stop a car that’s out of control.

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We’re not sure which myth they’re trying to bust here, but don’t deny you’ve thought about doing something similar while you’ve been stuck in traffic.

While it mightn’t strictly involve cars, we couldn’t help but include this clip of Jessi heroically testing the myth that you can climb aboard a helicopter from its skids mid-flight.