The most common insurance claims by state

Victorian’s keep crashing into each other’s cars, while South Australian cars are mostly damaged while parked

The most common insurance claims by state

Motor insurer Allianz has revealed the most frequent motor insurance claims for each Aussie state between 2015-17, and it makes for some interesting reading.

In New South Wales, the most frequent claim was being hit in the rear, making up 19 percent of claims from that state. Suffering damage while parked and glass damage tied at 15 percent, followed by damage suffered while reversing (13 percent), and failing to give way (11 percent).

Victorians also suffered being hit from behind more than any other claim, but at a higher rate compared to NSW (23 percent). Claims for damage while parked (17 percent) beat claims related to reversing (14 percent), failing to give way (13 percent), and glass damage (12 percent).

South Australians know that sinking feeling of returning to your car and finding a note and bent metal all too well, with damage while parked the number one claim in the state, making up 19 percent of the total. It narrowly beat out claims from reversing damage (18 percent), being hit in the rear (17 percent), glass damage (13 percent), and failing to give way (10 percent).

In Western Australia it was glass damage which was most frequent. Allianz attributes this to the state’s extensive rural road network, where the risk of stone chips is increased. Glass damage contributed to 27 percent WA’s claims, 10 percentage points more than the next biggest claim, damage while parked. Next was reversing and being hit in the rear at 15 percent, while failing to give way made up just 8 percent of claims.

In Queensland glass damage, made up a quarter of claims. Being hit from the rear (17 percent) was second, ahead of reversing damage (15 percent), damage whilst parked (14 percent), and failing to give way (8 percent).

Of the ‘bad driving’ claims, Victorians were the worst offenders, with more issues relating to ‘failure to give way’ and rear-end collisions than any other state.

South Australians may need a lesson in reversing; filing the highest percentage of claims for damage suffered heading rearward.


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