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Video: Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter road-tripping in Porsche Taycans

By James Robinson, 22 Mar 2021 Car News

Bill and Ted’s electric adventure

Video: Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter road tripping in Porsche Taycans

Porsche has teamed up with Bill and Ted stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter to create one of the better automotive ads we’ve seen this year.

The short seven-and-a-bit minute film follows Reeves and Winter as they road trip from Santa Barbara in California all the way down to Porsche’s Experience Centre in Los Angeles. 

The catch? They’re both driving Stuttgart’s all-electric Porsche Taycan Turbo, and they’re making the trip on a single charge. 

And the comedic duo aren’t just highway cruising down the 101 – Porsche has set up a number of challenges for them along the way, to show off the versatility of its rapid EV.

First up, Reeves and Winter cruise to their first task while talking about previous Porsches they’ve both owned. 

The Matrix star reflects on his 1996 993 Carrera he nicknamed “the sled” (we would've loved a bit of backstory on that one), while Winter talks about his first Porsche being a Targa “from many years ago”. 

They arrive at the first challenge, where they're greeted by former Top Gear America star and rallycross driver, Tanner Foust, who has parked himself on a dead straight, closed road. 

Foust is sitting pretty in a Lizard Green 991.2 GT3 RS, and he proceeds to floor it down the tarmac, revving out the Weissach wonder-mobile all the way to its 9000rpm redline. 

Reeves is so taken by the noise that he even comments, after a perfectly-timed pause, “well that sounded good”.

The pair then proceed to try out “Launch Mode”, and both are apparently shocked by the sheer acceleration of the vehicles. 

The sprint wouldn’t have taken them very long, with the Taycan Turbo capable of sprinting from 0-100km/h in a dizzying 3.2-seconds, thanks to AWD and a whopping 500kW/850Nm of instant electric shove. 

Ironically, the 991.2 GT3 RS Foust sped down the road in has the exact same quoted 0-100km/h time, which makes the Taycan seem even more impressive. 

Next Reeves and Winter find themselves on a twisty stretch of asphalt spaghetti, being shown how to drive a hillclimb by Porsche’s factory driver Patrick Long. 

The dual Le Mans and Daytona winner hasn’t come to the hillclimb ill-equipped either – he’s brought one of Porsche’s most fabled hypercars, the hybrid 918 Spyder. 

The three drivers bomb up the hill, and while Winters seems to be admiring the view, Reeves (who is a massive petrolhead) is obviously pushing the Taycan hard, commenting “definitely a few white-knuckle moments here”.

The co-stars then take to California’s 405 highway, before reaching their final destination at the Porsche Experience Centre.

They’ve made it on one charge, and to celebrate, they learn how to drift the electric super-sedans on the skid pan. 

It’s a fun video, and aside from some of the obviously scripted moments, it's interesting to see how much the two appear to genuinely enjoy the Taycan.

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