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2017 Range Rover Velar quick review

By Nathan Ponchard, 18 Oct 2017 Car Reviews

2017 Range Rover Velar quick review

The brand-new Range Rover Velar arrives in Australia with striking looks, ready to dominate the suburbs near you

Tell me about this car

The Range Rover Velar is the brand's newest model, sitting between the Evoque, and larger Range Rover Sport. It comes from the same crew responsible for last year’s Jaguar F-Pace. What that means is a shared D7A platform, aluminium panels, the same 2874mm wheelbase as an F-Pace and a near-identical drivetrain line-up to its Jag cousin. Except that the Velar errs more towards luxury than sports.


  • Concept-car in look and almost hand-crafted in cabin feel, the vaunted Velar raises the game for a Range Rover model in terms of luxury and personalisation.
  • It’s a very pleasant drive, too, proving easy to place, keen to hug corners, and reasonably comfortable to ride in if the air suspension’s set-up screen reads ‘Comfort’.

  • The model range is vast, but allows customers to spec cars more finely, making fulfilling personal preferences easier.
  • There’s decent off-road ability here – certainly way more than the transverse-engined Evoque – though the Velar is no match for the big-daddy Range Rover when mountain climbing. But it does feature just about every trick in Land Rover’s off-roading goody bag, and should easily exceed almost every buyer’s expectation of it off road.


  • Rear seats lack support compared to rivals, and are only really suitable for two adults.
  • The dual touch-screen infotainment unit is slick, but can be a minor frustration to use at times.

  • In Auto or Dynamic, the Velar rides much more firmly, though to the ultimate benefit of its overall agility.
  • The steering in the Velar is quick and accurate, but lacks feel.

Any rivals I should consider?

Audi Q5, BMW X3 and X4, Jaguar F-Pace, Lexus NX and RX, Mercedes-Benz GLC and Porsche Macan.