Cars to beat the zombie apocalypse

Watch our weirdest car comparison to date and the video that got us into trouble

Wrangler vs D-Max zombie apocalypse

It’s not often that we unintentionally ruffle feathers at WhichCar, but sometimes a story unexpectedly hits a raw nerve, and never has there been a better example than our weirdest car comparison to date.

The premise was simple: In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, which car is the best to keep your brains off the menu?

One would hope that escaping a raging murderous hoard is something you never actually have to attempt, nor do we honestly expect any sane person to be researching and evaluating their next car on its ability to outrun the undead.

Wrangler vs D-Max zombie apocalypse

However, our staged national disaster was a hyperbolic metaphor for the toughest challenges a one-tonne ute or SUV owner might throw at their vehicle, with a twist that hopefully caused a few smiles.

Off-road ability, dependability, practical features and efficiency – they’re all things you might be looking for in a vehicle, whether you’re dragging trailers across acreage or out-dragging a marauding melee of monsters.

Wrangler vs D-Max zombie apocalypse

However, the timing of the episode going to national free-to-air television couldn’t have been worse.

In late March, the developing Covid-19 crisis was only just unfolding in Australia and the sensitivity surrounding national crises was understandable, so imagine if you flicked on the TV to emergency announcements and scenes of Surfers Paradise ransacked and burning…

We are sorry if you were one of the disgruntled viewers who got a shock from our bogus news readers and phony special effects that Sunday afternoon because that certainly wasn’t our intention.

In fact, the feature was filmed in October 2019, long before anyone could have known a pandemic was looming and, even if we intended to, timing the episode to coincide with the worsening Australian situation would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible. We couldn’t have done it if we tried.

Wrangler vs D-Max zombie apocalypse

Let it be known therefore, that it was absolutely not our intention for the episode to cause alarm nor was it in any way making a joke of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead it was a silly leftfield interpretation of the traditional head-to-head car comparison.

For obvious reasons, we didn’t publish the video online at the time, even though the bizarre coincidence was accidental and, while releasing the controversial Isuzu D-Max versus Jeep Wrangler comparison today is also coincidental with the date, at least this time it’s deliberate. Happy Halloween.


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