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Porsche Boxster: 10 things you didn’t know

By Andy Enright, 12 Apr 2016 Car Reviews

Porsche Boxster: 10 things you didn’t know

What secrets does Porsche’s iconic drop top hold? Here are ten you haven’t heard before.

1. In the early nineties, the Boxster concept was first formed, Porsche consulting with Toyota to develop a way of sharing vehicle development costs across different models

2. One of the unsung heroes of the car design world, Grant Larson is the man responsible for the Boxster prototype. He’s since led the design teams for the Carrera GT show car, the 911 Turbo, the 911 Speedster and Sport Classic and the Boxster Spyder

3. The current 718 Boxster S (with PDK gearbox) is faster than any model in the Porsche range twenty years ago, when the Boxster first launched

4. The 150-litre front boot and 125-litre rear luggage compartment combine to offer more room for shopping than you’d get in a Nissan Juke SUV, which will swallow 251 litres

5 .Porsche has become quite good at the parts sharing thing. The latest 718 Boxster has a greater commonality of parts with its big brother , the 911, than any other Boxster generation

6. The 718 Spyder that the current car is named after was a huge success on the race track, scoring victories at Nurburgring, the Targa Florio, Le Mans and Sebring

7. Until December of that year, 1997’s best-selling driving game was SCEE’s Porsche Challenge, where drivers got to choose one car – a Boxster – and race it on three tracks. Then Gran Turismo arrived

8. A large percentage of early Boxsters weren’t actually built by Porsche in Germany. Instead they hailed from the Valmet plant in Finland. The Uusikaupunki Plant has produced more than 1 million cars with the millionth being a 2005 Boxster

9. Prefer your Boxster even more retro looking? Porsche customizer Tony Miller of Translog in York, Pennsylvania widens and customises the bodies of ’72 Karmann Ghia coupes to fit on the 2001 Boxster S

10. Porsche’s current Boxster S is as fast around the Nurburgring as the scary ‘Widowmaker’ 996 GT2. It’ll take just 7 minutes and 46 seconds if you’re a bit handy behind the wheel

Read our review on the Porsche Boxster 718 here.

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