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What's on WhichCar TV this weekend?

By Tom Fraser, 17 Sep 2020 Season 2

We take a trip down electric avenue this week - is now the right time to embrace electric vehicles?

WhichCar TV Season 2 Episode 29 preview

What's on WhichCar TV this week?

Electric revolution!

This Sunday it's all about electric cars. Join us on Sunday afternoon as we explore the world of alternative energy and show you what electric car ownership entails. 

Electric cars needn't be boring

It's often said that while there are numerous benefits to electric powertrains, the ability to have fun is lacking. During the development of the Tesla Model 3, Elon Musk got all shouty about its performance characteristics and said it would be quicker than anything in its class. Time to put that claim to the test!

Tesla Model 3 Performance review feature

An EV wins Wheels Car of the Year 

Mercedes-Benz's first proper go at an EV is one for the ages, which is why it took the crown at Wheels Car of the Year. Learn about why this is such a game-changer as we go behind the scenes of the COTY event. 

How our COTY 2020 victor was decided

EV SUV invasion

Mercedes doesn't have the all the fun in the electric SUV space. Dan takes the Jaguar I-Pace for a track-blast at Portimao circuit to find out whether it moves the game on. 

2019 Jaguar I-Pace review: Britain in front with all-electric first strike


Hydrogen is a promising way to refuel an EV, cutting out the wait times while retaining all of the performance and clean-energy attributes of an EV. Hyundai is just one manufacturer testing out the new technology, so we have a drive of the Nexo to see what all the fuss is about. 

hyundai nexo

The future of electric

WhichCar was one of the first outlets in the world to get its hands on a new Mercedes-Benz concept, the EQS. As a preview of the future of electric, we've got a lot of hope for EVs going forward on the back of this EQS drive.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS headlines electric push

WhichCar TV Season Two Episode 29

4:00pm Sunday September 20, Channel 10 


For season two, we're also offering an amazing prize for our viewers. How does a trip to the Maldives sound? Pretty awesome, right? 

The competition is open NOW so make sure you tune into WhichCar TV on Channel Ten at 4pm Sunday AEDT.

And, if for some reason you can't (and it had better be a good reason!) then there's a host of ways to catch up on the show, check out behind-the-scenes stuff and find out more about the cars Aussies want to buy.

For example, our weekly podcast, our Facebook page and our YouTube channel are standing by 24/7. 

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