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GT-R RETROSPECTIVE: Gee Forces Handling test - Nissan GT-R

By Peter Robinson, 27 Mar 2009 Features

GT-R RETROSPECTIVE: Gee Forces Handling test  - Nissan GT-R

Which is Europe's best handling car? Peter Robinson drives 10 benchmark contenders at their racetrack limits to find out

Japan's only entrant this year, and a ring-in, imported by Nissan mostly to tease the motoring press, for it's only sold on the domestic market. Wonderfully talented chassis, the four-wheel drive system splitting the drive from the rear wheels to the fronts only when the computer-controlled electronics sense the Skyline is about to move into terminal understeer. Then you can feel the drive shifting from one set of axles to the other.

It still needs a firm hand and a forceful right foot to perform the miracles it is capable of achieving. Slightly artificial and isolating, yet also effective, with huge reserves of adhesion.