Introducing Dream Garage: motoring’s biggest personalities live out their fantasies

We ask some of the biggest names in the industry what they would fill a three car garage with if there were no limits

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WHEELS’ new-look magazine is getting ever closer, with the relaunched magazine going on sale January 31.

As part of our relaunch, the last page of the magazine has been revamped, with a new section called closing out the book.

Each month we will ask a figure from the motoring industry what their ultimate three car garage would be. We’ll be asking chief engineers, product planners, designers, company bosses, motorsport icons, and car culture heroes to live out their fantasies, so we can share them with you.

The idea for Dream Garage came from a Peter Robinson feature written in 1979 called ‘Fantasy Six’.

While initially we thought we would give each subject limits, whether it be a price point or era, we thought it better that everyone was give the freedom to truly explore and imagine their fantasy garage. With the entire history of the car to choose from, suddenly choices become much more difficult.

We’ve already had some fascinating responses from major figures in the industry, and we will continue to probe some of the fascinating personalities that we meet in our travels.

But we can’t just let everyone else have fun, so below we’ve listed some of the selections from Wheels’ dedicated editorial staff.

Alex Inwood – Editor

1. Porsche 911 996 GT2

Dream Gt 2 Jpg

I’ve been a Porsche lover ever since I started downloading 8-second clips of different 911 exhaust noises as a youngster and tested myself on guessing the variant. And of all the 911s, the one that made the biggest mark is the 996 GT2. I first saw it in Wheels in an article written by Peter Robinson and I can pinpoint that as the exact moment I decided to become a motoring journalist. I’m still yet to drive one, though I’m sure it’d be a handful. I’ll have mine in Guards Red thanks.

2. 2019 C63 AMG wagon

Dream 63 Jpg

This just edged out the BMW M3 CSL, which I consider one of the most perfectly proportioned and evocative-sounding sports coupes ever. I need to lug dogs about occasionally, so the C63’s wagon bodystyle is what gave it the nod. It’d have to be the facelifted version, which has a vastly improved ride for everyday use, and I know I’d simply love the effortless grunt (and noise) of that 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8.

3. Ferrari F40

Dream 40 Jpg

This is real ‘dream car’ stuff and given I’m yet to drive one, its inclusion is based purely on lust and what other lucky motoring scribes have written. The purity and ferocity of the driving experience is what attracts me and I’m torn between a ‘regular’ F40 and the hardcore LM…

Andy Enright – Deputy Editor

1. 1980 BMW M1

Dream M 1 Jpg

This is the bucket-lister for me. I’ve always loved the Giugiaro-penned shape of the M1 as well as its ability to punch well above its weight. Factor in rarity, the glamour of its bizarre Procar racing evolution and a fascinating backstory that includes wrestling manufacture away from a collapsing Lamborghini and it’s just a car I’d never be able to omit from the fantasy garage.

2. 2019 McLaren 600LT

Dream 600 Lt Jpg

I have to admit that I’ve been back and forth on this one. This or a current 911 GT3 RS?  In the end the Macca gets the nod and it’s the tactility of its delightful hydraulic steering system that gets it over the line. I know it’s a subjective opinion, but it really doesn’t get much better than the 600LT, a car that’s dynamite on track but not so uncivilised that you’d dread driving it there.

3. 2019 Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo    

Dream Panamera Jpg

I’ve already got two mid-engined rear-drive supercars in this garage, so I’m going to need something that’s a tad more liveable. And because I’ve got to the last of my selection without a Porsche in the garage, the spot’s going to a Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo. What’s not to like about something that looks like an anti-shipping missile and accelerates like one too?

Cameron Kirby – Staff Journalist

1. 2002 HSV HRT 427

Dream Hrt Jpg

Australia’s own homologation special. It’s no secret that I am a giant motorsport nerd, and the HSV HRT 427 is an oft-forgotten unicorn that brought HSV’s road car business and the Holden factory race team together. Not be confused with the 2008 HSV W427, this limited-run HSV HRT 427 is mired in controversy, as many believe the car was never truly intended for a full production run, and instead used as a decoy to skirt the homologation requirements of the Bathurst 24 Hour race and Nations Cup of the time. This track-day special has a 7.0-litre naturally-aspirated V8, with V8 Supercar-spec brakes, suspension, and gearbox. It truly is Australia’s race car for the road. Only one was ever sold to the public, with just two built in total, and it’d be front and centre in my dream garage if I had the money.

2. 2000 HRT Chassis #043

Dream Hrtt Jpg

Unless you are a motorsport anorak of the highest order, HRT Chassis #043 likely means nothing to you. However, if I said Greg Murphy’s Lap of the Gods, things might make a little more sense. Chassis #043 is the car Greg Murphy drove to pole position for the 2003 Bathurst 1000 in one of the greatest Top 10 Shootout moments in history. Sitting on my lounge room floor as a 10-year-old, watching my favourite driver put together one of the single best laps in Aussie racing history will be forever seared into my mind. It’s only natural that this car, in 2003-spec (VY Commodore panels and K-Mart livery) would have a place in my dream garage.

3. 2008 Audi C6 RS6 Avant

Dream Rs 6 Jpg

I’ve always thought the C6 RS6 Avant would make a perfect daily driver. A V10 twin-turbo wagon is fast enough to keep the commute entertaining, and practical enough to warrant everyday use. Besides,  I’d need something to tow my other two cars to the track.

Felipe Ubilla – Art Director

1. 2018 Nissan R35 GT- R Nismo

Dream Nismo Jpg

I’ve always wanted an R32 GT-R but after driving the latest and greatest incarnation of Nissan’s monster, I can’t really go back. A Porsche GT3 almost stole this spot but I’ve always been a Nissan fanboy from way back.

2. 2018 BMW M3 Competition

Dream M 3 Jpg

I’m keeping this list with one foot still in reality – the M2 almost made it in but I have kids and need something with an accessible back seat as a daily. Plus, it came with a manual box. Winner.

3. 2018 Range Rover SVA Autobiography

Dream Rr Jpg

If my imaginary pockets have no ending I may as well go with an opulent family hauler. For those long trips where comfort is king, a supercharged V8 should keep me smiling and the brilliant designed interior would keep wifey happy.

What is your dream three car garage? Let us know in the comments.


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