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Introducing Modern Classic: we celebrate motoring’s icons of years past

By Cameron Kirby, 23 Jan 2019 News

Introducing Modern Classic: we celebrate motoring’s icons of years past

A new section of the magazine gives us the opportunity to look back at past heroes and we need your help

As a part of our relaunch, we are adding new sections to the magazine, one of these is Modern Classic. Each month we will celebrate hero cars from the 1980s, 90s and 00s that either already have a cult following or are diamonds in the rough.

Cars from this era can be overlooked, but if, like us, you’re a fan of a more analogue driving experience, then there’s plenty here to love. We’ll be taking a sideways look at the icons because, well, we’re crediting you with knowing the basics of ‘em already. In addition to these cars, we’re also going to cover those cars that may not have hogged the limelight at the time, but which now represent amazing used buys.

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We’re kicking off the series with a bona fide gem, BMW’s E46 M3. We managed to secure an immaculate CSL for the photoshoot and we can’t wait to show you Alastair Brook’s killer shots.

Next month we have a Japanese hero that enjoys a unique link to the magazine.

Not all of the cars will be ball-tearing performance models. We’re widening the scope to include cars that are just inherently interesting and desirable to the more curious amongst you and the wishlist for this contains some real left-fielders.

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We’re going to need your help with this one too. If you’ve got a car that’s pretty much bone-stock and you reckon it qualifies, let us know. You’ll see your car featured in the magazine and get some breathtakingly beautiful photography of it. Don’t worry – we’re not going to unleash our road test team on your pride and joy. The photography will all be static beauty shots, in our studio if required.

So over to you. If you know someone with a car from the 80s, 90s or Noughties that deserves its moment in the sun, you know what to do.