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Molly Taylor’s Dream Garage

16 Nov 2019 Features

Molly Taylor’s Dream Garage

Recce sorted: Australia’s history-making rally champ on the three cars she’d most like to have stashed in her ultimate garage

>Subaru WRX 22B STi

The 22B is at the top of my bucket list. The combination of its rally heritage, timeless looks, perfect proportions, those guards, plus the mechanical upgrades, ticks all the boxes in my eyes. Subaru Australia owns one of only five officially imported into Australia, but so far they haven’t loaned me the keys…

Subaru WRX 22B STi

Audi Sport Quattro

Sticking to a historic theme, I’d need an Audi Sport quattro in the garage too. Produced in very limited numbers to allow for World Rally Championship homologation, it was transformed from a potent road car into a fire-breathing Group B monster and driven to victory by one of my heroes, Michèle Mouton. Who doesn’t love the bark of five cylinders?

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Audi Sport Quattro 1984

Ford GT40

My dad built a Ford GT40 replica kit car in our garage at home when I was younger. That’s where I learned the incredible story behind the car’s history and the passion woven into its development. It’s the perfect example of a raw, aggressive supercar built purely for purpose, but one that also manages to be beautiful as well.

Ford GT40

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