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SEMA 2016 Gallery: our top 12

By MOTOR staff, 17 Nov 2016 Features

SEMA 2016 Gallery: our top 12

Highlights from America’s premiere tuner event

SEMA’s done it again.

This year’s delivered another dose of wild, wacky, and wonderful.

But while we’ve already covered standouts like the Roush Performance Focus RS, Mustang GT4, and Toyota’s 354km/h LandCruiser, there are still plenty of cars we believe deserve mention.

Cue our list of favourites from this year’s show. Far from comprehensive, don’t take it as a gospel top-12, but rather a highlight reel of the best MOTOR-head cars this year. 

1. Slant-nose 997-series 911

Slant nose 997-series 911Another one of Ken Muira’s, of Rocket Bunny fame, this creation is the result of a 997-series 911 spliced with the DNA of a 935-series. The original design was born to exploit a loophole in GT racing, but here it’s simply a stunning display of retro ingenuity.

2. V12 LS Camaro

V12 LS CamaroWhat’s better than one LS1 engine? Two that are chopped then welded together to make a V12. The custom- built engine was dropped in a ’67 Camaro, serving as a low-riding display for by Aussies Matt and Shane Corish who are looking to sell more of their 533kW engines.

3. Ryan Tuerck’s GT4586

Ryan Tuerck’s GT4586We’ve already touched on this car but it never ceases to amaze. How can it? A Ferrari 458’s 4.5-litre V8 rotated 180-degrees and plugged into a Toyota 86’s nose. Here’Very well judging by this video.

4. Hoonicorn Mustang V2

Hoonicorn Mustang V2Again, a car we’ve seen before but hard not to mention again. Those Garrett turbochargers peeking from its bonnet squeeze over 1000kW through the Mustang’s all-wheel drive system. Tyres beware.

5. Carbon-fibre Mustang

Carbon-fibre MustangCarbon-fibre all the things on a Mustang and you’ll shave about 220kg, according to SpeedKore. Its 2017 model with a complete CF body tips the scales at 1519kg, significantly lighter than the track-ready GT350R, and even trimmer than a Focus RS.

6. Turbonetics 911 Turbo S

Turbonetics 911 Turbo SThere’s few cars faster than a 911 Turbo S. So it’s mildly terrifying to think someone find’s the car’s 2.9sec 0-100km/h capability underwhelming. Turbonetics’ social media stated 900kW as the plan for this Porker.

7. Tucci Hot Rods Fiesta ST

Tucci Hot Rods Fiesta STDo my wheels look big in this? Tucci Hot Rods stretched Ford’s Fiesta ST over a set of 10-inch wide wheels, doubled its stock power with a full turbo overhaul, and turned its interior into an office for track-days.

8. Bisimoto tuned Hyundai Sante Fe

Bisimoto tuned Hyundai -Sante -FeFrom one four-digit output to the next, Hyundai’s Sante Fe at SEMA wasn’t taking any soccer mum taunts. Fed by 39psi from two turbochargers, it pushes 735kW down its custom rear-drive drivetrain.

9. Rocket Bunny FD

Rocket Bunny RX7Believe it or not, there’s an FD RX-7 hiding underneath there, that Rocket Bunny bodywork doing its best to square off the FD’s nose.  Blasphemy? You ain’t seen nothing yet…

10. Mustang bodied GT-R

Mustang bodies GTR…because you wouldn’t want to race this 1970 Ford Mustang for slips. Tucked under its bulging body panels is the drivetrain from an R35 GT-R; front driveshafts, 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 and all.

11. Formula D ‘Miata’

Kyle Mohans ND MiataYou say Miata, we say MX-5. Either way, Kyle Mohan’s ND built for Formula Drift feeds its rear bags with over 745kW, thanks to a nitrous drinking triple-rotor.

12. JPS liviered 260Z

JPS liviered 260ZTake one 260Z, add wide body, pinstripe in classic JPS-livery style. Tick.