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Tesla Model S P90D Acceleration Testing

By Scott Newman, 11 Jan 2017 Features

Just how quick is Tesla's battery-powered bullet?

Tesla Model S P90D Acceleration Testing

It's taken the performance world by storm, with numerous viral videos showing the effect its 'Ludicrous' acceleration has on unsuspecting passengers.

We are, of course, talking about the Tesla Model S P90D, the car motoring journos are now asked about more than any other. 

It has captured the imagination of even non-enthusiasts but there are some wild claims getting about; at a recent party a guest was overheard saying that the Tesla could complete the quarter mile "in less than 10 seconds."

Tesla Model S P90D Acceleration Testing rearFor its part, Tesla claims the Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode (a $15,000 option) will hit 100km/h from rest in three seconds flat. Well, let's find out shall we.

In the name of full disclosure, however, it must be said that these won't be the definitive P90D acceleration times. Unlike a petrol-powered car, which gets faster as the fuel tank drains, the Model S goes slower as the battery charge depletes.

The Tesla's fastest acceleration run was completed with 52 per cent battery charge, as it used 48 per cent getting to Heathcote. While this isn't ideal for the ultimate times, it's perhaps indicative of the car's usual pace since the cars rarely achieve 100 per cent charge.

Tesla Model S P90D Acceleration Testing frontEven so, the P90D's instant torque blasts it to 100km/h in 3.36sec, pipping the Audi RS7 Performance by 0.01sec to become the fastest four-door production car we've ever tested. No drama, no fuss and no skill required.

It then completes the quarter mile in a very handy 11.68sec, though its trap speed of 184.73km/h shows it's beginning to slow markedly. In comparison the RS7 Performance completed the quarter mile in 11.29sec at 202.79km/h.

Nonetheless, for a quiet, comfortable and spacious 2.3-tonne family hatchback, the Tesla Model S P90D is indeed Ludicrously fast.