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VIDEO: Nissan R32 GT-R rally monster

By Louis Cordony, 17 Feb 2017 Features

R32 Godzilla gets dirty in awesome archive footage

VIDEO: Nissan R32 GT-R rally monster

Okay, so Nissan had already bred a rally monster from its Pulsar in the early 90s. But this video makes us wonder why we haven’t seen more GT-Rs slinging dirt.

Sure, Nissan focused using the R32 to tear circuit competition to shreds. But its drivetrain debuted one of the most sophisticated all-wheel drive systems of the modern era.

Nissan R32 GT-R rear driftAnd there’s no forgetting the missile it was attached to, the RB26DETT. Pair this with knobbly tyres and you have one storming rally weapon. Something Akira Kameyama clearly knew.

The video’s Japanese commentary makes it hard to decipher what exact spec his R32 GT-R was built to, but we know the world needs more of them with mud flaps and a lurking ARC intercooler.

We can, however, see his GT-R also packed a centre-diff controller, ala WRX STI, to vary the amount of power sent to the rear wheels.

Inside Nissan R32 GTR=Admittedly, it didn’t look like there was much suspension travel under those guards. And you wouldn’t think its long wheelbase would help it swap angles between apexes.

But with that RB26 howling and gravel flying it looks and sounds more than natural on the slippery stuff.

Nissan R32 GT-R rally monsterProving a handy pilot in the video, Kameyama also visited California’s Pikes Peak race with the R32 GT-R, blasting up the full dirt course in 1993.

He also returned three years later with a R33-series 400R, which if you can’t tell by the video below, loved the dirt just as much.