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2003 FPV GT-P for sale in the UK for $9000

By Chris Thompson, 09 Oct 2017 News

2003 FPV GT P

BA Falcon-based belter living in the UK… and up for grabs!

Living in the UK, but want a little slice of Oz to remind you of home? How about a BA Falcon-based FPV GT-P?

We’ve come across one up for sale in the UK for the relatively low price of £5,400, which translates to around $9100 Australian. It’s only got 154,XXXkm on the clock, which strikes us as pretty standard for a 15-year-old car.

It’s about as Aussie as Aussie gets (short of something Barra or Holden 5.0 powered), and is actually listed as able to be shipped back home.

2003-FPV-GT-P-engine.jpgThe seller says the 5.4-litre V8 has been left mostly untouched, though it does have an “induction kit, exhaust and chip so is in a slightly higher state of tune.”

This gives it a claimed 324kW to play with rather than its bone-stock but seriously impressive 290kW, as the Boss 290 engine would suggest.

Also on the list of overhauled components are the LSD, the six-pot Brembos on the front, and the clutch has been replaced with a performance clutch.

2003-FPV-GT-P-rear.jpgThe seller says it’s been in the UK for only a short while, as it was imported by the original owner and “spent most of its life [in Australia].”

The ad’s on eBay UK here, so if you’re interested you’ve got five days from publishing.

Oh, and the plate comes with the car. Just imagine the ‘7’ is a ‘T’.

We found only one for sale from Queensland on TradeUniqueCars, but it’s sporting only 22,000km on the clock and is priced at $44.5K, so the UK-based car could also spark the interest of someone looking to pick up a marginally cheaper project.