2006 BMW Hartge H50 V10 up for sale

Rare M5 V10-powered 3 Series tuned by Hartge and ready for a new owner

2006 BMW Hartge H50 V10 up for sale

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Hartge, as the German tuning firm doesn’t quite have the same presence as the likes of Singer or Brabus.

Focusing on BMWs, Hartge has been making Bavarian cars go faster since the ‘70s. But a little over a decade ago, a few E90-generation 3 Series were given special treatment.

2006 BMW Hartge H 50 V 10 Engine Jpg

Roughly 410kW of M5 V10 from the E60 generation of 5 Series has been dropped into the engine bay of the lesser Bimmer, something carried out on only a handful of cars.

One of these rare beasts is now up for sale, believed to be the only one in the US.

Classic used BMW dealer Enthusiast Auto Group currently has the car sitting in its showroom with a relatively meagre USD$60,000 (AUD$81,000) written on the price tag.

2006 BMW Hartge H 50 V 10 For Sale Image Jpg

It sits amongst E28 M5s, various generations of M3 and… well almost anything else that’s got a Bimmer M badge on it.

But the Hartge H50 V10 isn’t really an M Car, as Hartge built it onto a regular 3 Series. This resulted in some other necessary changes to suspension, while Hartge’s own logo shows up almost everywhere any changes have been made to the car.

2006 BMW Hartge H 50 V 10 Front Fender Design Jpg

Pedals, badges, interior panels, wheels… plenty about this car has been changed if your eye is keen enough to pick it out, but for the most part it’s the ultimate BMW sleeper.

It’s been tested by US outlet Car and Driver to run 0-97km/h (0-60mph) in just 4.5 seconds, though claims a 4.3sec sprint, and knock over the quarter in 12.9. This all with a 6-speed manual ‘box.

If you want the H50 for yourself, you’d better call up any friends you’ve got in the Cincinnati area, pronto.


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