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Geneva Motor Show: Three Brabus 800 models revealed

By Chris Thompson, 09 Mar 2018 News

Geneva Motor Show Three Brabus 800 models

You can always expect Brabus to roll out a menacing version of Merc’s luxo-limo

Whenever Brabus gets its hands on one of Mercedes’ high-end cars, you know things are going to get a little bit crazy.

Which is why we weren’t surprised to see the outfit roll out three versions of what it calls the 800, based on cars built by Mercedes-Benz.

The cars are based on the Mercedes-AMG E63, and S63 Coupe and Limo, and turn each car into more aggro versions of the already super-capable base cars.

The Brabus 800 models all feature the same tune of 588kW (or 800hp, thus the badge) and 1000Nm, from Mercedes-AMG’s twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8.

For context, the E63 S only makes 450kW and 850Nm. We tested it at PCOTY 2018 and ran a 3.4s to 100km/h. Brabus claims the 800 based on the E63 S will do three flat.

Additionally, the S63 Coupe and Limo will both do 3.1 to 100km/h, Brabus says, helped along by the all-wheel drive system and a choice of Continental, Pirelli, or Yokohama high-performance tyres.

Brabus' 577kW '800 GT' four-door coupe!

Brabus says it has to modify the AMG’s turbochargers to make as much power as the tuner wanted to get out of the bent eights.

“To achieve the intended 800 horsepower, the forced induction system had to be modified,” the company says.

“Brabus developed special high-performance turbochargers to achieve a significant increase in power.

“A modified core assembly with reinforced axial bearings and a larger compressor unit provide a maximum boost pressure of 1.6 bar.”

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The cars also received styling changes, in true Brabus style.

More aggressively-shaped trim, carbon fibre, and new wheel styles are on the list, as well as a re-fitted interior featuring plenty of leather and more Brabus badging.

Even the engine bay scores a Brabus makeover.

Brabus adds that it can even turn any current E63 into an 800… even a wagon. Now there’s a tempting thought.