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2016 Paris Motor Show: Citroen CX concept

By David Bonnici, 30 Aug 2016 News

2016 Paris Motor Show: Citroen CX concept

Citroen has resurrected an iconic model name to remind the world of its luxury credentials

Citroen is bringing back the iconic CX executive saloon, albeit as an advanced comfort concept that’s set to make its debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show.

The plug-in hybrid Cxperience concept is stacked with modern design notions that bring a modern take on the last of the big Citroens.

However this is no retro-concept. Apart from the single-spoke steering wheel and concave rear window, there’s little in common with the iconic originals. You can see the family resemblance, though it’s not quite as delightfully eccentric as the science-fiction inspired CX sedan, wagon and shooting brake designs from the mid-1970s and ’80s.

Citroen insists it’s still unconventional with aerodynamics that “overturn established codes” with its very low roofline, two-box style rear-hinged doors and controlled air intakes - mobile flaps designed to open and close –integrated with the front bumpers to assist aerodynamic performance and manoeuvrability. 

Citroen -CXperience -rear -sideThe Cxperience concept is mostly about drawing on the brand’s “advanced comfort” philosophy that includes brightness, space, ergonomics and connectivity.

It’s designed as a true "cocoon” that filters out the outside world along with the bumps and dips of the road. Instead of the original CX’s hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension system it employs a progressive hydraulic cushions advanced module that filters out bumps.

The interior includes generous, body-hugging seats made from flexible shape-memory foam and invoke a "living room" mindset. The front seats feature tapered backrests and openwork headrests to provide greater visibility for rear passengers.

Citroen -CXperience -interior -sideNatural light, via two skylights running the length of the roof also contributes to the sense of onboard wellbeing.  Ambient lighting and air purifier also contribute to making the cabin a ’feel good’ area where the occupants can “relax and decompress”.

Driving is assisted by a head-up display while system and infotainment functions are controlled and displayed on a large 19-inch rectangular display screen in the middle of the dashboard. Cameras replace mirrors, providing a 360-degree view of the car’s immediate surroundings.

Citroen -CXperience -interiorThe infotainment options enable easy browsing by all the occupants who can find information on their journey, select their own music or watch their favourite film. Personal  'sound bubbles’ allow each passenger to select their personal sound medium via a network of integrated microphones and speakers.

The Cxperience is powered by plug-in petrol-electric hybrid technology which similar to that found in production PHEVs. The petrol engine develops between 110 and 150kW with up to 80 kW (109bhp) of additional energy provided by the electric motor. In all-electric mode it has a city range of 60km.

The 3kWh battery can be charged in just a few hours, from 4.5 hours with a standard charging system to less than 2.5 hours with an ultra-simple charging solution based on a 6.6kW charger designed for connection to a 32Ah socket.