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2019 BMW i8 Roadster pricing revealed

By MOTOR Staff, 19 Jul 2018 News

2019 BMW i8 Roadster pricing revealed news

BMW’s drop-top plug in sportster arrives with updated coupe

After almost four years since the BMW i8 coupe’s release, the Roadster now blows into showrooms Down Under as the range welcomes more range, more power, and aerodynamic tweaks.

The update inflates the Coupe’s price by $15,500 to a total of $318,900 before on roads, which defines a $30K gap between it and the convertible, which is priced at $348,900.

The brand justifies the difference with the extra engineering needed to stiffen the i8’s structure and refine its aerodynamic package, along with a ‘concept surcharge’ for having the ability to fold the roof. It claims it can do so in 15 seconds up to 50km/h.

While we’ve already covered off the crucial mechanical differences between the coupe, convertible, and their predecessors in another article here, elsewhere its infotainment screen is now 10.25-inches (up from 8.8 inches) and uses iDrive 6.

Luggage space expands to 88 litres in standard form, while an optional ‘Travel’ package boosts that by 7 litres to 95 overall.

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With a higher price comes lower sales targets for the roadster, which BMW says is 12 for the next year. This also means it positions the Roadster as more exclusive. 

Allocation wise, Australia has surpassed BMW’s expectations for i8 coupe sales. Our appetite for 110 of the hybrid sports cars over the 3.75 years since its release equates to about one per cent globally.

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It’s unclear as to how our roadster allocation compares to other global markets, however we understand the brand might find the sales figure as ambitious.

While the BMW i8 Roadster, with its hybrid drivetrain and eco-focused engineering, exists uniquely in the Australian market, its price will draw inevitable comparisons with the 911 Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet, which asks $327,490 with a PDK transmission.

The Porsche's 0-100km/h acceleration stands at 3.7 seconds compared to the I8 Roadster’s 4.6 seconds.

The order books for the i8 Roadster are now open with deliveries expected to begin as soon as the end of July.

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