Custom 2019 Ford Mustang ‘Stealth’ boasts 620kW and a lot of carbon

A new Mustang has been endowed with a lot of carbon fibre and a huge power boost

620kW carbon-fibre Custom 2019 Ford Mustang Stealth

Terry Selfe, has made a few little changes to his 2019 Ford Mustang GT, which he’s nicknamed ‘Stealth’.

But, contrary to the Mustang’s moniker, one of Terry’s changes to the car is fairly blatant – a healthy dose of carbon fibre.

On top of that, with the help of, the ‘Stealth’ Mustang has copped a massive tune for 620kW.

“I built this mainly to show how much better you can get than a Shelby for the cost effectiveness. Everything on the car is top shelf, not Ford Performance like what you’d get on a Shelby,” says Selfe, a retiree living in South-East Queensland.

“No disrespect to Shelby, but I think they’re vastly overpriced for what they are quite frankly, and I’m just a bit of a perfectionist.” 

In only a couple of months, Selfe had gone from owning a standard Mustang GT to having what you see in these photos – a pony with an extra 280kW-or-so.

To achieve that, a 3.0-litre Whipple supercharger was installed as the centrepiece, with ceramic headers, a larger radiator, and two intercoolers to keep the engine running safe. Its carbon fibre driveshaft can handle up to (or just a little over) 1100kW.

Large 380mm slotted two-piece rotors sit at the front, with six-piston Brembos at the ready, while 360mm rotors and four-pots are found at the rear.

Underneath, about $10,000 worth of suspension is found in the form of magnetic dampers and a completely re-bushed… well, everything. The subframe has also been replaced.

Despite the massive power, Selfe says the car was tuned by East Coast Customs to be easy to drive, with first and second gear being long enough to spread out the power and avoid getting loose.

“It’s got a genuine 837 horsepower, or 620 kilowatts, with 477kW at the rear wheels.

“It took about three months, and the reason for that is because of some holdups with parts.”

On the list of parts replaced with carbon fibre are the bonnet, front lip, lower grille, quarter panels, side skirts, the rear bar and diffuser, and the boot lid with a spoiler built into it.

There are more details, such as vents, plus the interior is also laden with the stuff – the dash and several trim accents in the cabin are carbon fibre too. Higher quality leather in Burnt Orange wraps the Recaro seats.

Selfe says he’s planning two build two more in the near future, though without quite as much of the carbon as this one. He says it’s still going to get the full performance treatment.

“I’ll finish the next one quicker, because I’ve ordered all the stuff from the States to be here before I start, before I’ve even bought the actual car.”

While he hopes the first one he built might be able to fetch back most of what he spent on it, Selfe says he’s aiming to put a much lower price on the next two cars.

“It’s cost me around $220K to build the first one, but if I can walk away with around $170K I’m happy.

“There’ll be two more. They’re cars that I hope to sell, and I’m definitely building them, but it won’t be all carbon fibre like this one.

“They’ll still have a lot of the leather, some carbon, and for those I’d be happy to get $130K.”

While Selfe says he’d be happy to break even, the financial outcome of the build isn’t really the goal.

“I’m not doing it for money, it’s just a labour of love.

“If the goal was to make money I wouldn’t be doing it. It just depends if people want me to build them.”


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