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This 78-year old, and all-round legend, daily drives a McLaren 720S Spider

By Alex Affat, 16 Jul 2020 News

This 78-year old, and all-round legend, daily drives a McLaren 720S Spider

Meet Henry Harrfeldt, a former speedway racer and lifelong petrolhead

There’s an air of pragmatism carried by McLaren’s 720S, unlike that of any of its rivals.

While it may not be considered as traditionally pretty, its alien looks are purposeful and are backed up by truly out of this world performance figures.

Safe to say it’s not a car most could realistically consider driving every day, and certainly not one you’d see your granddad stepping out of. Unless of course, your grandad is 78-year old Henry Harrfeldt of Norway.

Harrfeldt has been making the rounds online recently, thanks to a surfaced YouTube interview marking a year of ownership with his Amethyst Black 720S Spider.

Harrfeldt purchased the big Mac in 2019 and, in the video, states that the car has just passed 4000kms (considered high for usually-pampered vehicles like these).

“It’s a street legal race car,” he says in the video, “a bit stiff but very responsive”.

“Absolutely f*cking crazy,” he adds, after dropping a gear and giving the 527kW 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 a healthy dollop of throttle.

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When quizzed as to what his favourite aspect about the car is, the affable Norwegian petrolhead replies simply: “It’s fast”.

Indeed, speed and machinery have seemingly played a large role in Henry Harrfeldt’s life.

Born in February 1942, Henry in his early 20s competed in the motorcycle speedway British League in 1965 and 1966.

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Although it was his brother Sverre Harrfeldt who really took to two-wheeled oval racing; winning the Norwegian Championship in 1962, 1964, 1965 and 1966, and a world finalist in 1963 and 1966.

Henry Harrfeldt later went on to compete in British Sportscar racing; finishing 10th in the 1991 Kenwood Sportscar Cup, and fourth in the 1994 REAB Sportscar Cup.

As for what else he has in the shed these days, it seems the British theme continues. Harrfeldt says he also has a 1970s AC Cobra (production ended in 1967, either a late-60s genuine example or a very early replica), and a Ford GT40 which he says is around 38 years old (likely a replica, given the time period) and occasionally sees track use!

Truly a man after our own heart, we can only hope we’ll also keeping the four-wheeled faith alive like Henry at 78 years of age.


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