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Alfa Romeo 6C rumoured for 2020

By Chris Thompson, 25 Jan 2018 News

Alfa Romeo 6C rumoured for 2020

German tuner ‘confirms’ V6-powered brother to 4C on the way

A European automotive tuning company says it can confirm the imminent return of the V6-powered Alfa Romeo 6C.

The tuner, Pogea Racing, posted on Facebook that a trustworthy source has told of the 6C being developed, and expects it to arrive in 2020.

“There is a bunch of people who are so enthusiastic about secrets and about projects that they can not shut their mouth (we understand that and appreciate this),” Pogea wrote. 

“From an absolute trustworthy and legit source we were informed that the Alfa Romeo 6C will be a part of the Alfa Romeo product line.”

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Who this ‘trustworthy and legit source’ is has yet to be confirmed, but Pogea’s focus on tuning Alfa Romeos suggests it could be an insider from FCA.

“The production is planned for early 2020 and the car will be shown probably this or next year on some auto show.

“Let’s hope this is true, we know this person that is very deep into the decisions of the management of Alfa Romeo and all he said in the past became reality.”

The 6C badge hasn’t been used since the 1950s, when Alfa Romeo’s straight-six powered sports car was producing power figures that wouldn’t faze a kei car.

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Around the same time, Alfa Romeo was building a supercharged inline-eight called the 8C, a name which has recently returned to appear on more modern Italian metal.

The introduction of the 4C badge, and revival of the 8C badge in recent years suggests the rumours of the 6C making a comeback are at least somewhat grounded in reality, rather than just hope.