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'APEX: the secret race across America’ set to hit screens

By Andy Enright, 11 Oct 2019 News

Movie incoming on the highly illegal history of the Cannonball Run

APEX movie to hit screens about Cannonball run

The ethics are questionable but the execution is something else.

‘APEX: the secret race across America’ charts the highly illegal world of U.S. transcontinental racing.

When the Cannonball Run ended in 1979, a whole host of privateers started an arms race trying to set what they thought was an unbeatable mark from New York to Los Angeles.

Cannonball Run

That ‘Bob Beamon moment’ appeared to have come in 1983, when a 32-hour mark was recorded for the 3000 mile (4800km) dash, latterly dubbed the ‘U.S. Express’ amongst street racers.

Keen to discover whether that record was in fact achievable, Alex Roy and Dave Maher attempted to beat the record run more than two decades later for the movie ’32 Hours 7 Minutes’.

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Illegal transcontinental racing

Director JF Musial, known for his work on NBCSN’s Drive channel, charts the history of the key record attempts and features interviews and footage of participants including journalist Alex Roy (record holder/participant), SimCity creator Will Wright (record holder/participant), Indy 500 winner and racer Bobby Unser (participant) and Cannonball Run writer/founder Brock Yates (record holder/participant).

In case you were trying to figure out who’s doing the voice over on the trailer, it’s Ice-T.

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What the show doesn’t cover – and with good reason – is the Cannonball Run’s history in Australia. A 1994 event, organised by racer Allan Moffat, ended in disaster after a rookie Japanese driver's Ferrari F40 ran off an NT road, slamming into an official's car parked on the roadside. Four people were killed, including two event volunteers.

Australian Cannonball Run Disaster

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APEX: The Secret Race Across America will debut on Sunday, October 20th on NBCSN at 9:30 pm EST, but will become available on iTunes shortly thereafter.

We can’t wait to sit down, grab a bowl of popcorn, and have our jaws permanently welded to the floor.

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