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Arabia's latest thoroughbred to trot out 1000 horsepower

By Adam Davis, 18 Nov 2013 News

W Motors, 745kW SuperSport, Lykan, Dubai

Dubai-based manufacturer W Motors has unveiled its 745kW SuperSport

Dubai-based manufacturer W Motors has unveiled its 745kW SuperSport.

With a weight target of less than 1200kg it’s expected to hit 385km/h, knocking off its stablemate, the Lykan HyperSport, for sheer performance.

Stripping out trinkets such as the gold interior stitching, holographic driver display and diamond-encrusted LED headlights underlines the SuperSport’s harder edge.

These first renderings show F1-inspired aerodynamics such as the stepped front lip and rear diffuser.

Although its sticker price joins the Lykan at somewhere north of US$3.4 million, it’ll be far less exclusive, its production run of 25 dwarfing the seven units planned for its counterpart.