The original Atalanta Sports Tourer first made its debut on March 5 1937 and now, exactly 75 years later, a car enthusiast and a classics restorer have joined forces to bring it back.

Martyn Corfield and Trevor Farrington have teamed-up to merge traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering in the form of the new Atalanta.

The new Sports Tourer will feature a host of modern technology to boost performance, as well as keep it safe, whilst preserving the feel of a 1930s British sports car. 85 percent of the car’s components will be entirely new including the castings, springs and steering system. This will all be housed inside the Tourer’s stunning exterior made from hand-crafted ash and aluminium.

Speaking at the Atalanta’s launch, Corfield said:

"Our aim at Atalanta Motors is to reproduce the positive and enjoyable characteristics of vintage motoring in a reliable and usable manner that is relevant to today's driving environment.”

“The new Atalanta gives a stylish, exhilarating drive with easily accessible performance and a comfortable ride with engaging handling which delivers driver satisfaction even at modest speeds."

“Atalanta is about style, innovation and performance."

Unfortunately that’s about all the details available on the Sports Tourer right now. Drivetrain details and pricing still remain unconfirmed but we do know that Atalanta is taking orders for the car, which be built to individual specifications.

If you’ve always wanted a 1930’s Sports Tourer, this might be your only chance as only seven of the original vehicles remain.