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Audi's fastest, angriest TT

By Alex Inwood, 26 Apr 2013 News

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Meet the fastest, angriest Audi TT ever – the Ultra Quattro Concept.

Meet the fastest, angriest Audi TT ever – the Ultra Quattro Concept.

Built for parent company Volkswagen’s annual tuning festival in Worthersee, the Ultra Concept is basically a TT that’s been hitting the gym. Hard.

It’s 300kg lighter, has 228kW (that’s 28kW more than the old TT RS) and 400Nm.

Power is sent to the wheels through Audi’s famous Quattro system, while a six-speed manual, not a dual clutch ‘box, shifts the cogs.

0-100km/h is completed in 4.2 seconds, slower than the recently announced TT RS Plus, but it’s the lightweight construction that makes the Ultra Concept the fastest and most focused TT ever.

Originally designed as an internal study into lightweight materials, the Ultra concept weighs just 1111kgs thanks mostly to a new, optimised aluminium space frame chassis and the extensive use of carbonfibre reinforced plastics.

A titanium exhaust and aluminium wheels also keep weight low, but the concept retains creature comforts such as leather seats, air conditioning and electric windows.