Bentley decks out Continental owner’s yacht to match his car

Crewe firm just took customisation to a whole new level

Bentley Continental GT V8


  • Bentley's Design Services team worked closely with yacht builder, Contest Yachts, on the special commission
  • Hotspur red leather with contrasting Linen beige hide interior matched in the car and yacht

Ever owned something that looked so good you want other things in your possession to look like it too? 

Well, one Bentley Continental V8 owner liked the interior of his new two-door GT car so much, he commissioned the British marque to deck out his yacht to match. 

Bentley And Contest Yachts 2

The automaker and its Bentley Design Services department teamed up with Dutch luxury yacht builder, Contest Yachts, to create a bespoke nautical vessel like no other. 

The yacht in question, donned the ‘Pearly Bell 2’ (yep, there’s a Pearly Bell 1), is Contest’s 18-metre long 59 CS model, which can set buyers back anywhere from $3 million to a lot, lot more. 

Bentley And Contest Yachts 3

Bentley has replicated the V8’s Hotspur red leather with contrasting Linen beige hide interior to an exacting standard throughout the yacht’s cabin, with the carmaker’s signature diamond-in-diamond stitching present and accounted for. 

The deep blue hull of the yacht also looks undeniably similar to the Light Sapphire paintwork found on the Conti GT. 

Bentley And Contest Yachts 6

Bentley’s Design Services team is already well known in the automotive world for its custom craftsmanship, but for an endeavour of this size, it’s a mightily impressive effort, considering every diamond-in-diamond motif found on the leather hide requires 712 stitches. 

“This project was an opportunity for Bentley Design Services to showcase some of its many skills in a truly unique collaboration,” Brett Boydell, head of design collaborations at Bentley Motors, said. 

“Bentley cars embrace qualities of craftsmanship and styling that are only achieved at the highest level of nautical design.” 


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