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Best of Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017

By Chris Thompson, 03 Jul 2017 News

Best of goodwood 2017 2

There were ups and downs to the FOS this year… here are the ups!

An LSX-powered Nissan GT-R, a pre-WWII Mercedes racer, and a Russian truck drive up a Billionaire’s driveway…

But this is no joke.

The 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed has been streaming on the TVs and computers of MOTOR staffers all weekend, much to the dismay of those we live with.

Supercars doing 180-degree skids at Goodwood FoS

But at the same time, it’s hard to watch an entire four-day event from beginning to end without missing anything.

So, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite moments from the classic gathering in a non-exhaustive list for your enjoyment.

Formula 1 car burnouts

Nico Rosberg is probably feeling pretty relaxed this year. He was at the top of the ladder by the time the 2016 F1 season wrapped up, giving him a championship title before his retirement from the competition.

So, with that behind him, he’s turned to shredding tyres on other people’s front lawns. Not a bad way to retire.

With him at Goodwood was Valtteri Bottas, who did much of the same, despite being third in the 2017 standings. Gotta let off some steam/smoke somehow.

Range Rover hillclimbs on two wheels

Stunt Driver Terry Grant set expectations high when he told everyone he was going to attempt to do the hillclimb on two wheels, though a few people probably thought that meant he’d ride a motorbike.

VIDEO: Mad Mike attacks Goodwood

When he revealed that his vehicle of choice was, in fact, a two-or-so-tonne Range Rover.

Just watch, there are no words that can do it justice.

LSX Nissan GT-R drift car

Steve Biagioni, or Baggsy, as many know him, absolutely demolished the tyres on his LS-swapped 900-ish kW Nissan GT-R.

Anyone who thinks Goodwood is just for old people and old cars needs to see this.

1934 Mercedes-Benz W25 tackles the hillclimb

One of Mercedes’ iconic ‘Silver Arrow’ racers, the supercharged straight-8 W25, is a bit of an oddball by today’s standards.

Bathurst keen on Festival of Speed

But the incredibly unsafe and challenging to drive racer is epic to watch. Plus, it sounds amazing.

KAMAZ Dakar truck races the hill

Red Bull sticks its logo on some odd things, but this Russian rally truck might take the cake.

Sure it didn’t set any blistering times, but it was interesting to see the driver save an incidence of oversteer at turn one.