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Big price increase for Jeep and Chrysler SRT models

By Louis Cordony, 15 Feb 2016 News

Big price increase for Jeep and Chrysler SRT models

Aussie dollar hurts Jeep and Chrysler SRT models

Jeep and Chrysler’s SRT models have been slapped with a significant price hike in light of the weakening Aussie dollar.

Prices for the Chrysler 300 have climbed by $6000 across the range, which sees the 300 SRT Core now pegged at $64,000 and the standard variant at $74,000.

The 300 SRT’s off-roader relation in the Grand Cherokee has also been hit with the increase, seeing the hemi-equipped SRT SUV priced now at $90,000.

MOTOR understands the Australian dollar is completely to blame, which was at its strongest when the second-generation 300 SRT and Grand Cherokee SRT launched in 2012 and 2013, allowing both cars to be priced at $66,000 and $77,000 respectively.

Chrysler -Price -Hike -rear

However, since that period, when the Australia dollar was trading at above 1 US dollar, it has fallen to a trading price of around 70 cents, driving up the price of stock for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Today the second-gen 300 SRT is $9000 more expensive than in 2012 while the second-gen Grand Cherokee SRT’s price has grown by $13,000 since 2013.

While both have copped an eight-speed transmission and been refreshed in that time, we haven't their prices at such heights since the Aussie dollar last fell against the US greenback in 2008-2009.

It will no doubt be a setback for the 300 SRT, which only sells in Australia and the Middle East, and is trying to make a foothold in a segment which will see rivals like the Commodore and Falcon gone by 2017.

Meanwhile, despite the soaring hike, the Grand Cherokee SRT remains one of the cheapest performance full-size SUVs on the market.