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Concrete rewards for the green team

By Peter McKay, 08 May 2009 News

Concrete rewards for the green team

Honda hybrid drivers get parking advantages around Australia.

If feeling good about the environment is not good enough, owners of Honda hybrid cars will be offered priority parking at various high-traffic centres around the Australia.

Honda's Hybrid Priority Parking will be available at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre between May 11 and 23, with plans for rollout at other locations in the coming months, including Sydney and Melbourne airports.

The parking spots are not free; they are subject to the usual car parking fees and restrictions. However, they are convenient and accessible. For instance the three parking spots at Melbourne Central are opposite the lifts on level one.

They are not restricted to Honda hybrids. The deal is that the spaces are for hybrid priority parking, brought to you by Honda.

Anyone taking bets that there will probably be more Toyota Prius hybrids parked there than Honda Insights and Civics?

Honda was of course the first to introduce hybrid technology to Australia, in 2000, with its interesting yet painfully slow-selling Insight.

It currently offers the Civic Hybrid, Australia's cheapest hybrid, and will soon be offering its appealing second-generation Insight.

Honda's Hybrid Priority Parking will complement its Civic Hybrid display - on show at each location.