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Detroit Motor Show: Ford reveals new hot Mondeo

By Louis Cordony, 12 Jan 2016 News

Detroit Motor Show: Ford reveals new hot Mondeo

Twin-turbo V6 and all-paw system for Quasi-ST Fusion

Remember when twin tail pipes on this Mondeo made us think a sportier version, possibly an ST, was on the way? Well, news from Detroit reveals that wasn’t far from the truth.

Overnight Ford announced it will roll out an all-wheel drive version Fusion (as the Mondeo is known in the states) with a twin-turbocharged V6 as part of the model’s renewed 2017 line-up.

Called the Fusion V6 Sport, it doesn’t carry the ‘ST’ badge we predicted, but it does ready some decent performance goodies.

2017 Ford focus sport rearIt’ll draw on 242kW and 475Nm from its 2.7-litre V6, that Ford is calling ‘projected’ figures for now.

The twin-turbo engine will be paired to a tuned six-speed automatic transmission before its all-wheel drive system will channel the power to the ground.

Surprisingly adaptive dampers have been specified for the Fusion V6 Sport. They’re the kind that continuously adjusts their firmness according to conditions. And they’re apparently so adaptive they’ll be able to sense potholes and soften the shocks to suit.

2017 ford focus sport interiorFord’s been careful not to get ahead of itself when positioning the car. Avoiding a tempting ST or RS badge keeps the Fusion V6 Sport in the ring with Honda’s Accord and Toyota’s Camry, but Ford’s keen to highlight it’s 75kW healthier than both its V6-engine rivals.

The V6 Sport also wears a new exterior design which will be introduced by the 2017 Fusion range’s facelift.

2017 ford focus sport frontSome will be sad, or happy, to see the Mondeo’s Aston Martin-esque grille dropped in favour of a new blacked-out piece, and new “deeper” air intakes jut from the Mondeo’s front bar.

Meanwhile, V6 Sport’s will distinguish themselves with charcoal 19s and a dual twin-tailpipe arrangement.

2017 ford focus sport rearFord plans to launch the new 2017 Fusion and the V6 Sport this June in North America.

But it is currently not known whether our Spanish-built Mondeo will welcome the twin-turbo V6 all-wheel drive specifiction.