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Devel Sixteen’s quad-turbo V16 makes ‘3730kW’

By Louis Cordony, 11 Dec 2015 News

Super-engine built for prototype hypercar

Devel Sixteen’s quad-turbo V16 makes ‘3730kW’

Standing out in today’s supercar crowd isn’t easy.

Defining Extreme Vehicles Car Industry L.L.C, however, has found a way to capture everyone’s attention, and it hasn’t even built a complete car yet.

Rather, it’s had someone build an engine, but not any old donk; it’s a V16 which boasts a capacity of 12.3-litres and spools four massive 81mm turbochargers.

Saying it doesn’t believe in using other manufacturer’s engines, it's asked Steve Morris Engines to create a custom billet block and a single crankshaft to orchestrate all sixteen cylinders.

What ensues is power, lots of it, as you’ll be able to watch the V16 max out an engine dynamometer with 3367kW in the video above.

However, it’s claimed the V16’s capable of even more, producing 3728kW and 4746Nm when drinking race fuel and sucking 36psi of boost.

Model 121 hypercarThe engine’s destined for the Devel Sixteen, a striking hypercar that’s only been revealed in prototype form at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show by DEVCI, which said it will reach 560km/h with the V16 onboard.

“Devel Sixteen is born with extreme performance and unimaginable outstanding power of ten super cars, to pioneer a new era that never have been achieved before,” the Dubai company’s video states.

Big words, but then again, the engine’s already proved it can make the big numbers.