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Emission concerns could put speed limits on Autobahns

By Chris Thompson, 23 Jan 2019 News

Emission concerns could put speed limits on Autobahns

Speed limit-free driving in Germany is under threat of ending

Unlimited speeds on German Autobahns could be coming to an end as a German government committee finalises its report of recommendations for lowering emission levels.

A report by Reuters, which has seen a draft of the documents, says a speed limit of 130km/h is on the cards for the currently limit-free sections of ‘Bahn.

New limits would make videos like this a thing of the past.

According to environmental reports, greenhouse emissions stemming from transportation in Germany haven’t dropped since 1990, and the nation’s total emissions have risen in recent years.

In an effort to meet European Union targets for greenhouse and other gas emission reduction, the German Government called on the National Platform on the Future of Mobility (NPM) to create recommendations for reducing environmental impact.

If it fails to meet these goals, Reuters says Germany is at risk of copping heft EU fines.

Don’t worry, Morley says Autobahns are no fun anyway.

The report also states the German government is weighing up its environmental responsibility with the wellbeing of its massive automotive industry.

The NPM says it understands its recommendations might be contentious.

“Not every instrument and every measure will be accepted,” reads the draft seen by Reuters. “It will take political deftness, diplomatic skill and a willingness to compromise to achieve the climate change goals.”

If speed limits do begin popping up on Autobahns, it’ll mark the end of one of the last bastions of limit-free road on the planet, with the highways in our own Northern Territory backyard having been slapped with 110km/h limits over a decade ago, and since then having changed to 130km/h back to de-restricted, and to 130km/h again.