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Clothes label crushes 911 for advert

By Louis Cordony, 30 Jul 2015 News

Rag & Bone sacrifices 911 for fashion film

Clothes label crushes 911 for advert

Clothing label, Rag & Bone, has released a video where it drops a large concrete divider on a beautiful classic Porsche 911.

Unfortunately, it wasn't for impact testing.

The company has slayed the beautiful 1979 Porsche 911 SC for a new fashion campaign.

The scene, which plays a backdrop to a model walking past the camera in Rag & Bone dress, has been tagged with the line: “we brought the city indoors”.

“The concept revolved around bringing the city into studio,” Marcus Wainwright, Rag & Bone co-founder, tells Style.com, “we wanted to capture some of that intense New York energy where anything can happen.”

Cars are often sacrificed in film, we remember the plummeting Lamborghini Miura from The Italian Job or Aston Martin DBS from Casino Royale.  

But this 911 didn’t die to save no superhero.

The resulting disgust of the car community has been summed up by one video commenter Ralph Goduco, who says: “Porsche should do an ad with a 911 running over the director and all these shitty clothes.”

As a comment it has so far received 93 likes.

Besides this murdered 911 SC, are there any famous cars on film you wish were saved rather than destroyed?

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