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FBI seize and auction huge stash of American muscle

By Cameron Kirby, 21 Oct 2019 News

FBI seize and auction huge stash of American muscle

When a billion dollar Ponzi scheme crumbled, a mega car collection was left for the taking

American authorities are preparing to auction off a massive collection of cars that includes some of the most iconic muscle cars ever built.

You might be wondering how the US government came to be in possession of nearly 150 ultra-cool vehicles. Well, it all has to do with the failed company DC Solar.

The nearly 150 cars were seized by the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and US Marshals Service late last year.

The seizure was part of a co-ordinated raid spread across the offices of DC Solar, and the Californian mansion of owners Paulette and Jeff Carpoff.

Only a handful of years ago DC Solar was booming, sponsoring teams, races, and even entire race tracks on the NASCAR calendar.

It had even been given the nod of approval by renowned philanthropist Warren Buffett through his Berkshire Hathaway and Progressive insurance companies.

DC Solar had raked in US$810 million (A$1.18 billion) in funding, with US$340 million (A$496 million) coming from Berkshire Hathaway alone.

However, it all turned out to be a massive Ponzi scheme, with profits being funnelled to the Carpoffs, who happen to be car aficionados.

Now enthusiasts are having the chance to organise their own raid of the estate, with a 149 vehicle collection valued at more than US$6 million going under the hammer.

Bidding has opened online, with the auction set to end on October 26.

The full list of vehicles up for grabs is wild, with three different Hummers, an original ’64 Austin Mini Cooper, a Bentley Continental GT V8 S, several classic Cadillacs along with a 2017 CTS-V, three separate ’69 Camaros, a handful of Chevrolet Chevelles, a Dodge Demon and SRT Hellcat, along with a ’71 R/T Scat Pack Challenger, ’69 Daytona, and ’02 Viper RT-10.

All the listings can be found here, and make for brilliant browsing. Take a look and let us know what’s tempting you.

Anyone want to stump us some cash for a vehicular investment?