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Ferrari 488 Pista images leaked

By Chris Thompson, 21 Feb 2018 News

Ferrari 488 Pista

Forum spills pics of more hardcore 488

New images of the much anticipated development of the Ferarri 488 have been leaked online, as well as its name.

Known now as the Ferrari 488 ‘Pista’ (track or circuit in Italian), the next car bears a striking resemblance to the 458 Speciale, the car it’s a spiritual successor to.

Though we’ve already seen blurry images of the Pista, these new, rather official-looking shots, posted to the FerrariChat forum give us a better look at what to expect.

These, along with leaked specs previously reported by MOTOR, mean we know roughly what to expect from the Pista’s launch.

While it was known as the "V8 Sport Special", Ferrari Fan page @ferrariphotopage on Instagram revealed it had seen documents outlining what would be in store for the 488 Pista

The leak specified that it’ll have the most significant power increase over the donor engine a Ferrari V8 has had previously, as well as the engine being about 10% lighter.

We also reported we expect to see a McLaren 720S-like power rating for its engine, meaning 537kW is the magic number. That’s also rumoured to be the new 488’s power figure, though we’ll wait to see what Ferrari says on that account.

Expect to see a lot of carbon fibre in use on this 488, with the Pista being tipped to feature an unprecedented amount of the stuff for a Ferrari. Carbon fibre wheels are also 40% lighter than previous 488-spec.

If the 720S is 1419kg and the 488 GTB is 1475kg, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Pista drop more than 100kg.

MOTOR will keep an ear to the ground and chase word from Ferrari for any further details.