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Ferrari introduces waiting list

By Alex Inwood, 19 Mar 2014 News


Won the lotto? Want a shiny new Ferrari? Prepare to wait

Want a new Ferrari, like now? Forget it; you’ll be waiting at least 12 months.

Afraid that its brand is becoming too common, Ferrari Australia now mandates every new customer must wait at least a year for their new Ferrari to arrive. It’s a move that follows Ferrari HQ’s decision to reduce production to less than 7000 units to boost the brand’s exclusivity.

“Look, we have a global strategy, which came from Enzo, which is always to supply one less car than demand,” Ferrari Australia CEO Herbert Appleroth told Wheels.

“Last year, our chairman reduced production because he didn’t think we were exclusive enough and right now our goal is to have around a 12-month waiting list for any Ferrari.

“So the number of cars coming into the country will be determined by the number of people waiting. If we’ve got lots of orders, we’ll have to see if we can get the allocation from Italy, which is difficult with high demand.”

Annoying, right? But, while it might sound like an inconvenience, Appleroth says the wait can also be a positive.

“I think there’s an argument for both,” he said. “We’re not a mode of transport, we’re a dream. So it’s not as if we’re inconveniencing people.

“The best things in life are worth the wait and Ferrari is certainly part of that. And that anticipation of something coming is important.

“It also gives our customers the chance to speak to our sales staff, to travel to Italy and handcraft their Ferrari, and get the full experience. We want them to be immersed in the Ferrari brand.”

Interestingly, Appleroth also dropped some sad news for motor show lovers, revealing Ferrari is likely to become less involved with the local events in the future. Instead, the company is keen to engage with fans through events such as its upcoming Ferrari Racing Days at Eastern Creek on 11-13 April.

“Motor shows are becoming less and less important for premium brands like us,” Appleroth said. “The costs have gone up and up and a lot of the people there obviously love Ferrari, but won’t necessarily be able to buy one.

“Plus, it’s a static display. A big part of our cars is how they sound and drive, so if we can show them off in a dynamic way, like our Ferrari Racing Days, it offers so much more than a motor show can bring.

“Obviously motor shows have their place when we need to launch a new car on the international stage, but would we ever have an international premiere in Australia? Probably not.”