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Ferrari SP38 is the latest one-off Prancing Horse

24 May 2018 News

Ferrari SP38 is the lastest one off Prancing Horse news

Ferrari’s One-Off program has pumped out another unique car for a wealthy customer

This is the Ferrari SP38, and it’s the only one there will ever be.

Built by the Ferrari One-Off team, the car was ordered by one of Ferraris “most dedicated customers” with inspiration being drawn from the likes of the F40 and the 308 GTB.

The car itself is built on the platform of the Ferrari 488 GTB, with a 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 powering the rear wheels.

Ferrari says the use of this drivetrain is what inspired the design team to work in a few elements of F40, such as the rear wing (albeit in a far more subtle manner than the car which inspired it) and the engine cover.

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Another iconic ‘Red Car’, the Ferrari 308 GTB appears in a few details at the front of the car, and down the sides.

A small black lip across the top of the intake grille houses the DRLs, reminiscent of the black bumper on the 308 which housed its indicators above the grille.

Air intakes are also found near the rear of the doors, with a flowing curvature starting from near the wing mirror – another 308 GTB and F40 reference point.

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The Ferrari SP38 was reportedly given a good breaking-in immediately after being handed over to the owner, meaning this might not turn into a private museum exhibit after all.

“After the ceremonial handover to one of Ferrari’s most dedicated customers, the car was immediately put through its paces in a series of hot laps,” says the Maranello brand.

“Designed by the Ferrari Design Centre on the chassis and running gear of the 488 GTB, this unique car reflects the specific vision of a client with a deep passion for racing.

“The result is a model that can be driven both on road and on track, while at the same time expressing all the beauty and innovation inherent in Ferrari’s road cars.”

Ferrari says the car will be on display at the upcoming Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in late May.

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