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First Nissan 350Z for sale in showroom condition

By Chris Thompson | Pics: Don Davis Nissan, 04 Sep 2017 News

2003 Nissan 350Z main

2003 350Z bearing build number #0001 is up for grabs in Texas

Nissan’s line of ‘Zed cars’ has become somewhat iconic, with the Datsun-badged classics appreciating faster than they’ll actually go, and the current Zed still round after an almost 9 year lifespan.

As the 370Z Nismo hit Aussie shores, we also discovered another modern Zed which was worth mentioning – the first production 350Z built. And it’s for sale. In Texas.

It’s was built in 2002 and has, in the 15-plus years it’s been around, only travelled 173 miles, or 278 kilometres.

First 2003 Nissan 350Z rearThe first 350 was also manual, making it an even sweeter offering. That coupled with its 214kW 3.5-litre atmo V6 won’t make it the fastest car on the road – but that was never the point.

The dealer selling the car, Don Davis Nissan, says it’s been garaged its whole life and has “been very well taken care of.”

It’s not only special because it’s the first and in such good condition. It’s also a top-spec track package-equipped car.

2003 Nissan 350Z interiorThis means it scores Brembo brakes, lightweight aluminium Rays wheels, a nav system, and leather interior. It even gets a Bose stereo system!

Despite VIN #0001 having barely been driven, it’s said to have a well-documented history, not that there would be a whole lot to document.

2003 Nissan 350Z headlightsYou might have read ‘Texas’ and become worried the car will have been swept away by Hurricane Harvey – but fear not. The car is located in Arlington, near Dallas, and has luckily avoided the worst of the damage.

If you reckon importing a near-new 250Z could be for you, take a look at the listing from Don Davis Nissan.